About us

We are a group of uniquely talented people that include art teachers, product developers, professional artists (in a variety of mediums) and crafters that enjoy learning new things.

As a collabrative group of artsist, we regularly get together and often create “wish-we-had” products.  This is how Enamel-it was born.  One of the wishes was to be able to offer classes on enameling, but without the danger of a torch and exense of a kiln. 

We started searching for such a product and discovered there wasn’t anything on the market that would fill this niche.  The more we looked, the more frustrated we got.  Finally, we fould a product that potentially would fill this void. We were able to get a small sample of this material, which is a combination of paint pigment and a resin that is combined and ground to a very fine powder. 

We experimented with a couple pieces, then a couple more, then a couple more… and as each item was created we got more and more excited… it appears that the use for this product is virtually unlimited in creating unique pieces of jewelry or artwork!  The excitement about our new discovery was uncontrolable! 

Our Enamel-it product is capable of fusing/ahearing to a surface that can withstand up to 400 degrees.  That means you can use Enamel-it on wood… glass…. metal…. paper…. even some plastics! 

There were other advantages as well:

• Low temperature bonding at 300-400 degrees - no need for a kiln!

• The product melts and adhears bonding items together - NO messy glue!

• Simply sift Enamel-it onto your project and place on a hotplate or oven - quick & easy

• Add various materials into your Enamel-it powder or layer as you create (like sand, etc)

• Mix Enamel-it colors together to create your own unique looks

• Enamel-it is a semi-permanent bonding medium making items waterproof - great for outdoor environment!

The more we work with Enamel-it, the more we realize how unlimited the opportunities are!  We hope you find as much delight in Enamel-it as we are!


we warm heartedly welcome you into our Enamel-it family!