Encouraging creativity is our mission!

Encouraging creativity is our mission!

our products are here to help you grow

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    • Welcome

      We are excited to introduce this medium for artists and crafters that opens up a whole new world of adding color to and bonding materials together.  Unlimited capabilities that is easy and fun!

    • What is Enamel-it?

      Enamel-it is a revolutionary product that enables you to “enamel” materials such as wood, metal, glass, paper, and even some plastics.


How it works

Enamel-it is a special combination of paint pigment and resin that has been scientifically mixed to get optimum color results, then ground to a very fine powder.  Enamel-it bonds & adheres at temperatures between 300-400 degrees, so you don’t need a kiln!  Simply sift it onto your project, place it on a hot-plate or in an oven for a few minutes and… walah!  Creativity is endless!

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